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Public sector

We create wage systems, registers, control applications or other records as required. We have experience and risk places to prevent. We set up on regular communication and experience of similar projects.

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Electronic prescriptions

Electronic prescriptions allow doctors to keep control over the dispensing of drugs, give pharmacists a better overview and allow patients to request prescriptions remotely, among other things.

Electronic administrative proceedings

Keeping electronic files including all records concerning specific administrative proceedings or other administrative agendas helps to automate and better control processes.

Electronic customs procedure

Electronic customs management substantially simplifies communication with customs authorities. It also consistently reflects any important changes in legislation.

Electronic health insurance

This sophisticated system linked to state administrative registries improves the efficiency of processing any agenda. It also facilitates core processes at these institutions.

Electronic food safety

A complete overview of the food production process effectively protects citizens’ health. If problems such as various veterinary diseases do arise, this system helps mitigate the associated risks.

Electronic registries

A collection of useful data should be clear, secure and above all functional. We develop complex registries for national institutions.

IT management and security

We work with McAfee, WatchGuard and Cisco in the security field. Our solutions cover a wide range of systems for identity verification, 802.1X health protection, interface protection through NGFW/UTM and anti-malware software.

Cloud and hybrid infrastructure

We build modern data centres, complex cloud infrastructure or a combination of both approaches. We also provide supporting technologies and security solutions tailored to the size and criticality of the customer's organization's needs.

Modern Workplace

It will assist you with the selection, implementation and administration of devices for end users and collection points, such as notebooks, bar code readers or IoT elements. We will set up the environment and provide applications for communications, office work and comfortable access to central data sources.

Reporting and visualisation of data

Allow data to speak and make decisions based on quality information.

Financial consolidation

Legally mandatory. Demanding on processing. Ideal for automation.