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Electronic health insurance

This sophisticated system linked to state administrative registries improves the efficiency of processing any agenda. It also facilitates core processes at these institutions.

Why choose our solution?

Coverage of diverse agendas of health insurance companies

Support for all the key processes of health insurance companies, including legal obligations.

Streamlining the functioning of health insurance companies

Smoother and less laborious agenda processing with interconnection to external information systems and public administration registers.


Electronic form exchanges documents and data between health insurance companies and access points within the EU.

System in your agendas

The electronic health insurance solutions can cover both the introduction of a modern integrated IT system providing the processing of key agendas of health insurance companies and the electronic form exchange of documents and data between health insurance and so-called access points (Access points) within the EU. The solution covers the crucial agenda of insurance companies from promoting income, expenditure and product parts, through accounting, file service, registry management, to support specific activities of insurance companies, incl. statutory duties to check medical care, or secure storage of client data.

The electronic communication module ensures the management of the state's access point and is a common national solution to the administration of the international agenda for all ZP institutions in the country. The solution covers the needs of health insurance companies communicating with hundreds of thousands of clients and tens of thousands of contract facilities.

"Experts in the Seyfor have developed a completely unifying system unifying practical solution of the international agenda throughout the public health insurance system, linking information systems of health insurance companies and the CZD and allowing work about 700 workers in one user environment."

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