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Company history

From a small Brno company to one of the largest software companies in Central Europe. Such is a summary of our journey that started in 1990.



Martin Cígler Founding CÍGLER SOFTWARE

Just a few days after the Velvet Revolution
in Czechoslovakia, Martin Cígler is founded
CÍGLER SOFTWARE, later renamed on Solitea
Czech Republic.


Connects Altus software

CÍGLER SOFTWARE buys Altus Software
and produces the basis of future Solitea holding.


Creates Holding Solitea

Holding solitea has been established
and has been created after the founding
extends the portfolio for enterprise
segment and HR acquisition systems
Aquasoft (later under the name Solitea
Business Solutions) and VEMA.


New acquisitions in the Czech Republic and Austria

Spring Solitea enters German speaking acquisition
markets companies in Jet ERP Betriebsgesellschaft.
In December then it strengthens the position of Czech
leader market ERP systems by buying traditional
Czech manufacturer ERP systems for SMB, J.K.R.
(subsequently renamed on Byznys software).


Solitea heads on Balkan markets

Solitea enters Balkan markets acquisition
leader of the Slovenian SMB market, SAOP.
At the same time begins with presentations
and strengthening custom brands, Aquasoft
is renamed on Solitea Business Solutions.


Solitea becomes the best employer

Altus software passes under Byznys software.
According to Aon Hewitt, we become the best
employer in the Czech Republic in the middle category
companies. SAOP, Vema and Solitea CDL are change fiscal
year in accordance with Solitea.

We set up Solitea Pay, thanks to which
we want to penetrate the european market
of intelligent payment terminals.


Purchase of new companies strengthens Solitea
partnership with Microsoft

Solitea completes a variety of significant acquisitions
in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Serbia,
especially on the development of partnership with
Microsoft and to strengthen the leader position
market of cloud software for the smallest entrepreneurs.

Subsidiary Byznys software defended the position
of the best employer of the Czech Republic in the category
of medium-sized companies. Consolidated group turnover
for the first time exceeds CZK 1.3 billion.


More than two dozen companies fuse
into one Solitea

Solitea has undergone major restructuring
in preparation for fusion in Czech and Slovak
Republic and newly divided into 4 divisions.
The company continued to strong acquisition
activities in the Czech Republic and abroad.

By purchasing by AXIOM PROVIS Int.
And Clever Decision reinforces its position
the most important Czech Microsoft partner
in the field of business solutions.

Acquisition of Dotykačka and Smart
software Solitea becomes the leader
of the Czech market cash register systems.

The company successfully managed situation
caused by the pandemic of Covid-19.
The holding's consolidated income is approaching
CZK 1.8 billion (an increase of 32% compared
to fiscal year 2019), EBITDA reaches 156 mil. CZK
(growth by 20%).