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About company About company

About company

We bring the system to the company. We offer ERP solutions, IT infrastructure projects and customized systems. We combine experiences, knowledge and culture of several dozen companies. We are Seyfor.


different programs and applications

1 200+

employees across the group

250 thousand

satisfied customers around the world

CZK 2 billion

Expected revenues in 2021

Together we are stronger

We are developing business systems with which domestic and foreign companies better manage the Routine Agenda and legislative obligations. Family companies, developing medium enterprises and Giant Corporation thanks to our products daily save money that can invest in their growth.

But especially we are mosaic composed of from series of companies, from own culture, habits and rituals. These are inexhaustible source of inspiration in access to both clients and to our employees. All of us connect our common values ​​– Expertise, stability, partnership.

Tradition since the beginning of 90s

In 1990, a small company Cígler software was established in Brno. It was the beginning of our journey, which has since ever led us to the position of one of the largest software companies in Central Europe. More than 15 companies have already passed under our flag and continue to grow across European countries.

Tradition since the beginning of 90s

We are a stable European company

We were created by combining leading IT companies spread over seven European countries. Therefore, we offer rich experience and sufficient capacity to improve your IT.

We are a stable European company

We stand behind the Seyfor

Our achievements would be unthinkable without capable and motivated leaders tirelessly promoting its vision of the whole society. At the rudder Seyfor, there is a real professional associating experienced experience, a strong move to the gate and human approach. They just determine how Seyfor will release and how it deals with all the future challenges.

We stand behind the Seyfor

Let's grow together

With the cooperation with clients and deploying our employees, we recently strengthen our market position. Our goal is clear – become the largest IT group in Europe. We are on a good way.

Let's grow together

Join us

Seyfor is more than just a company. We collectively combined with common values ​​where we help each other professionally and humanly. We also take care of self-shelling, and in our colors you will get a wide range for further education and growth in both personal and working plane.

Join us

In partnership is our strength

Partnership is one of our basic values. That is why we build a wide partner network, making it a system to other companies.

In partnership is our strength