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Electronic administrative proceedings

Keeping electronic files including all records concerning specific administrative proceedings or other administrative agendas helps to automate and better control processes.

Why choose our solution?

Streamline management of administrative proceedings

Support for all processes on state administrations and authorities.

Automation of electronic writings

Leadership and handling of all documents and files in the electronic system of file service.

Improving the status of administrative proceedings

Getting the ability to provide faster relevant information to both internally and public.

System in your agendas

Electronic administrative solutions includes processes in most state administrations and authorities, whether proceedings aimed at issuing a decision, certificate or authorization, on management for the establishment, selection and recovery of charges or control activities, Determination of fines, their enforcement, etc. The solution supports all the necessary agenda related to administrative management management and the handling of documents in the electronic file. It is based on the management of electronic files in which related records are imposed on specific cases of administrative proceedings or other administrative agendas led by the given authority, incl. monitoring compliance with legal deadlines.

This increases significantly the ability of the Office to provide rapidly relevant information both internally and public. The solution includes the Intranet document storage in SharePoint and reporting the reporting performance of the records during the processing of writings. Through this solution, it uses in the Czech Republic over 150 of territorially dislocated users, has already been created several million documents.

"To our decision to innovate the management solutions for administrative proceedings, there was a need to unify applications that arose gradually and isolated on the basis of individual trade union needs. An important factor was the requirement to innovate existing technologies. Seyfor released this difficult call for excellent."

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