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Solution for planning,
budgeting & forecasting

Respond to change faster and more effectively,
than your competitors can!

Are you worried that without a quality planning process

You may get
into financial difficulties

Without effective planning, you are blind. Even though you're not a gambler, you're taking a risk. Maybe even the existence of your company.

You don't have time
to take care of your business

The administration of the current process is taxing you enormously. You don't have time to focus on what you need to do.

You are unable
to quickly react to changes

The current planning process is holding you back. It doesn't allow you to react quickly enough to the latest trends.

Let's turn planning into your competitive advantage

Take action faster
than your competition

Be able to react quickly to a completely new reality. This skill is becoming crucial in today's complex times.

Engage all your key people
in the planning process

Increase the objectivity of planning by involving all the necessary experts. At the same time, you will reduce people's traditional resistance to planning.

Gain time
to focus on other units

Automating the planning process frees up the capacity you need to perform your important role as a business partner.

Planning, forecasting
and data analysis
at CPI Property Group

Significant improvements and automation of CPI's planning process have enabled it to obtain a better rating from the rating agency in international financial markets. Today, they can borrow money more cheaply to refinance their loans. They have saved significantly on interest, which runs into billions of dollars.

Want to know the details and be inspired? Download the CPI Property Group case study.

Planning, forecasting
and data analysis
at CPI Property Group

“Thanks to Seyfor's solution for planning, budgeting & forecasting, we raised our planning to an entire new level. This solution contributed to us receiving an investment rating from the Moody's Investor Services agency only a year later, followed by the S&P Global Ratings agency.”

What are you using for planning today?


You rely on linked Excel spreadsheets and lots of macros. And one expert to hold it all together.

ERP system

Your business system does not offer good support for planning. And therefore you have to help yourself with Excel.

Specialised software

The costly licenses of most planning tools limit you. Therefore, only a few people in the company use them, while others use Excel.

We have a fourth alternative for you. TARGETTY.

We figured, why bother with which of the options has more advantages than disadvantages when we can create a solution that has only advantages. We developed TARGETTY.

We took only the best of the three approaches to planning mentioned above. From the overpriced planning systems, the robustness and advanced functionality From Excel, people's favorite user interface. And we have data interfaces ready for all the extended ERP systems.

We have a fourth alternative for you. TARGETTY.

The TARGETTY solution has many advantages

They chose us

Manpower Group

Financial planning at O2 acknowledged by the prestigious Microsoft Awards Finalist prize

O2 Czech Republic opted for our planning, budgeting & forecasting solution to automate and optimize their complete planning and reporting processes. The quality of the solution is underlined by the fact that it won the prestigious Microsoft Awards 2017 Finalist award.

Want to know the details and get inspired? Download the O2 Czech Republic case study.

Financial planning at O2 acknowledged by the prestigious Microsoft Awards Finalist prize

"We've tinkered with the business planning and managerial reporting project for many years. The coherent solution from Seyfor quite quickly became the standard and likewise held its own in regards to our strict security requirements".

Our joint journey towards the goal has only four steps

Tell us
how you plan today

Show us what excel spreadsheets and other documents you use for planning today. Describe your planning process today.

Listen to
our specific proposal

We will provide you with a tailor-made proposal for the target solution of your planning process, both in business and technical terms.

We will gradually implement
new tools and processes

Once the proposal is approved, we will work together under our leadership to implement a new solution for planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Start using the new planning process
as your competitive advantage

Together with you, we will continue to develop the solution so that it remains your significant competitive advantage in the future.

5 recommendations on
how to plan in the current
uncertain times

Download our latest e-book where we give you 5 specific recommendations on how to approach planning in your business in these uncertain times. You can start using our recommendations immediately.

5 recommendations on 
how to plan in the current 
uncertain times

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