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Electronic prescriptions

Electronic prescriptions allow doctors to keep control over the dispensing of drugs, give pharmacists a better overview and allow patients to request prescriptions remotely, among other things.

Why choose our solution?

Benefits for doctors

Doctors gain more control over exposed regulations, they can track their pickup patients or what medicines were actually released in the pharmacy.

Benefits for pharmacists

Lower risk of misconduct in drug dispensing, restrictions on falzification and easier recipe retaxation.

Benefits for patients

An option of issuing an electronic recipe without the need for a personal visit to a doctor or a warning for the risks of mutual effects of simultaneously picked drugs.

System in your agendas

The electronic prescription solution is a full alternative to traditional prescription drugs in the form of paper recipes, but also brings a number of benefits. Patients have a constant overview of which medications prescribed their doctors. Electronic prescription helps patients to patients do not use medicines with the same or similar active substance prescribed from multiple doctors. It can also draw attention to drugs that may cause adverse reactions when interacting. Last but not least, electronic recipes significantly reduces the possibility of deliberate falsification and errors that can cause, for example, illegible data on paper recipes.

eRecept, that is the recipes of electronic form and provided with a unique identifier are stored in the central repository of electronic recipes, which is part of this solution, as well as mobile applications for patients, pharmacists and doctors. The solution was developed knowing that it must be 100% reliable and operate in 24/7 mode, as a potential critical mistake by de facto stop health care in the country. Only in the Czech Republic, a quarter million electronic recipes are processed daily.

"The eRecept information system started to electronize health as a whole, and fundamentally contributed to the company's information. Track your pharmacotherapy literally online."

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