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IT management and security

We work with McAfee, WatchGuard and Cisco in the security field. Our solutions cover a wide range of systems for identity verification, 802.1X health protection, interface protection through NGFW/UTM and anti-malware software.

Why choose our solution?

Security guarantee

Keep fully in control of your data and systems.

Control over the entire environment

We also implement implementation of comprehensive technology surveillance and security settings.

Adequate security

It takes into account the economic aspect of security measures.

System in your agendas

Building IT infrastructure The role of administrators and service providers does not end. Moreover, the concept of security is now one of the most frequently used deadlines in the practice of information and telecommunications systems. It is imperative that customers have their environment fully under control and that their data and systems are safe. IT security is related to the protection of corporate processes. Measures, implemented on the basis of process risk analysis, must be at such a level that the continuity of the organization's activities is not jeopardized.

We are designing, implementing and supporting a wide range of identity management activities. and authentication, via data network protection and their interface, IT protection against malicious codes, operational management, change management, and configurations to backup and archiving data. In the case of information and data security, the economic aspect of the proposal of implemented measures is an important aspect. Ensuring the required safety must be based on the nature of the processes so that "disproportionate safety" should not be a negative impact on the quality and performance of the operated applications. We are pleased that we are successfully managed to meet all these challenges in our clients.

"Ensure safety and quality management of IT infrastructure for hypermarkets throughout the Czech Republic is a real challenge. Since 2002 we have been working with Seyfor together and I'm glad we are doing."

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