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Financial consolidation

Legally mandatory. Demanding on processing. Ideal for automation.

Why choose our solution?

Fast and flawless financial consolidation

Avoid traditional errors eliminating manual practices.

Effective consolidation in the international group

Assemble consolidated reports for your entire group.

Close integration with financial planning

Use a single environment for consolidating the facts and plans.

System in your agendas

Data consolidation during which data from heterogeneous structures is transferred to a uniform data structure is not a trivial process. As part of this process, data is often manually transformed from local accounting curricies and cleaned so that in the resulting consolidated accounting structure of the group, the data of different origins had the same validity consolidation for your entire group. You get all the necessary tools for both the custom consolidation settings according to defined rules and for its subsequent control. Of course there is promotion of national and international accounting systems (US GAAP, IFRS) or incorporation of exchange rate differences.

Financial consolidation solution is a separate application independent of the specific corporate ERP system, giving you freedom when any change in this system in the future . The connection is possible for a variety of ERP systems, such as SAP Finance, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (AXAPTA, NAVISION), Oracle Finance, Helios and others.

Financial consolidation solution directly cooperates with our next business planning solution and managerial reporting and you can advantageously use a single environment for financial planning and consolidation.

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