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Electronic customs procedure

Electronica customs management substantially simplifies communication with customs authorities. It also consistently reflects any important changes in legislation.

Why choose our solution?

Higher efficiency of customs control

Communication customs a financial authorities  within  EU reduction administrative load.

Compliance with current legislation

Continuous reflection of all changes that brings amendment to European legislation.

High reliability solution

Compliance with high reliability requirements, availability and implementation quality.

System in your agendas

Electronic Customs Solution built in accordance with the strict criteria of pan-European specifications integrates a number of guided systems. While the Evidence and Edovoz systems facilitate the exporting entities. Importing goods from / to the territory of the European Union paperless communication with customs and financial authorities and the new electronic transit system (NCTS) allows transit of goods between the customs authorities of individual Member States without a complicated transfer of customs records on all exceeded borders. The solution includes pure electronic declarations that significantly simplify processing process.

The electronic form of the procedure also prevents the loss of transport documents necessary for the financial authorities. Changes that brings amendment to European legislation are continuously reflected. The solution meets the high demands on reliability, availability and overall implementation quality and for this reason, the TAXUD Commission is one of the best and most reliable implementations of the customs system across the EU.

"The solution in both customs and tax areas provided by Seyfor trusts the customs administration for two decades. By combining the profound knowledge of the issue, legislation and technology, Seyfor's experts can implement very large systems with international competence."

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