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Modern Workplace

Assistance with the selection, implementation and admin. of devices for end users and collection points, such as notebooks, readers or IoT elements. We will set up the environment and apps for communications and comfy access to central data sources.

Why choose our solution?

We can propose all HWs needed for data input

We design a suitable HW for the profession from the director to the worker in freezing warehouse. We can respond to your requirements, whatever, mobile, light, durable or prestigious. Of course there is consideration of size of environment and central administration of supplied technologies.

We provide key back-office applications on all devices

We do not end the delivery of the technique, all starts. The solution includes applications and tools for exchange of messages, data sharing, video conferencing, telephony, or organizing webinars and conferences.

We also have data output devices

We will also get your data on paper thanks to the printing solution. We will project them with colleagues thanks to the amenities for the meeting room or we broadcast them to the internet.

System in your agendas

Modern IT trend is clear, the central infrastructure is increasingly moving to the cloud or distant large data centers, where higher performance and better safety at lower costs can be achieved. But for the right operation of IT, it is still an important user experience when using applications and also quality data collection on the human and IT world interfaces. Therefore, there are still services involving consultations and supplies in the field of end workplaces and peripherals in our portfolio. We will choose optimum notebooks, tablets and mobiles for you, design the ideal print solution. We have long perceive end workplaces not only as their own equipment, but it is a task that includes user satisfaction, easy remote management and especially high security. We report endorses in your organization so that they do not affect the performance of their users while not burdening your team. We are ready to integrate them with modern cloud services.

We know that the user experience is also the quality of basic backoffice applications that are now an integral part of each end workplace. Our solutions are based on Microsoft 365 services and supply such devices and peripherals that are optimal for using applications and cloud services. We can advise with a modern interface and in production or in the field. We are not foreign solutions for use of barcodes, video systems and, last but not least, data collection using IOT endpoints.

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