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Electronic registries

A collection of useful data should be clear, secure and above all functional. We develop complex registries for national institutions.

Why choose our solution?

Central information records

Ideal platform for records of various types of types at national and international level.

Integrated approval processes

Built-in control of the conditions whose fulfillment is required for the inclusion of subjects to registers.

Compliance with legislative and technological requirements

Meeting requirements required for security, privacy or system availability.

System in your agendas

The data collection log form, generally referred to as a register, represents a suitable platform for data collection corresponding to focusing on both national and international level. It is an extensive registration of entities of various types whose registry inclusion is subject to a strict approval process based on checks relevant conditions and rules.

The electronic registers are currently considered the most effective way to ensure the collection of appropriate comprehensive information so as to allow them later easy to interpret, statistical analysis or cooperation with other information systems. In connection with the mass extension of the Internet, the optimal electronic registry technology is based on a robust database that realizes data collection using web forms available virtually anywhere using the Internet and web browser.

Usage of collection registers the data corresponding to focus must respect and meet considerable amounts of both legislative and technological requirements. Legislative requirements relate mainly about the protection of personal data and the privacy of entities, with which the security of the data system stored in registers is related. Technological aspects relate to the availability of systems, functionality, maneuverability, etc.

One of the basic characteristics of electronic registers is that they often provide data not only to one main manager, but also other entities and systems. There are relatively stringent requirements for integration and information security of these types of systems.

Seyfor has a long-term experience with the development of electronic registers, from the integrated agricultural register through the registers of professional qualifications to and registers operated by the Department of Health.

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