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Electronic food safety

A complete overview of the food production process effectively protects citizens’ health. If problems such as various veterinary diseases do arise, this system helps mitigate the associated risks.

Why choose our solution?

Citizen health protection

Protecting citizens against the introduction of dangerous diseases in the relevant state.

An overview of the entire animal life cycle

Detailed overview of animal shifts, their reproduction, casting, slaughter until final inclusion in the food chain.

Ensuring animal welfare

In the event of a problem, how is the occurrence of a hazardous disease, rapid initiation of all necessary measures.

System in your agendas

Electronic food safety solutions, thanks to the central registration and monitoring of all economically behaved animals, significantly contributes to combating the introduction of dangerous diseases or their bearers in the territory of the state. The solution can integrate the central registry systems of animals and veterinary surveillance. It provides a detailed overview of the movement of animals, their reproduction, casting, slaughter until final inclusion in the food chain. Learns to ensuring animal welfare. In the event of a problem, e.g., in the occurrence of hazardous disease, ensures the rapid initiation of the necessary measures, including the identification of the focus of the disease, preventing further diseases, ensuring the treatment of infected animals, etc.  

From an economic point of view, this solution serves as one of key documents for evaluating applications for subsidies in agriculture. Solutions to farmers allow you to work with data completely electronically. For example, entering orders of ear marks takes place in a similar manner as awarding payment orders in electronic banking. The solution is handled to record up to tens of thousands of farm animals and millions of animals.

"Information system developed and operated by Seyfor for two decades, ensures complete support for the control and supervisory activities of State Veterinary Administration, including dynamic development. State Veterinary Supervision covers a varied range of activities in the areas of health and welfare of animals and public health protection."

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