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users from top and middle management levels using managerial reporting


Advanced Users Using Microsoft Power BI Visualization and Analysis


months return on investment in IT infrastructure optimization throughout the project

"With project dealing with corporate planning and management reporting we have been struggling for many years. Seyfor's comprehensive solution fit perfectly into our overall concept and quickly became a standard in our company. It also stood up to our stringent security requirements. The quality of the solution is underlined by the fact that it won the prestigious Microsoft Awards 2017 Finalist award."

Solutions for the largest integrated telecommunications provider on the Czech market provides management reporting and financial planning, including consolidation of subsidiaries. It unites financial and non-financial data from sources, such as data warehouse, enterprise system and SQL Server, with transformed data are subsequently presented in the form of dynamic reports and dashboards in Power BI and Targetty Excel Add-in. The advantage of the solution is also the management of user rights at the level of elementary data in the database and the associated security benefits in reporting.

The solution together with managerial report covers the area of ​​financial planning, using the unique SSAS property (Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services ) When data from Excel forms writes directly to the database. It also allows planning within defined scenarios (annual budget, re-budget, 12-month moving Forecast, strategic plan), in defined detail and in a defined organizational structure according to cost centers. Plans can be prepared for all financial statements (P&L, B/S & C/F), non-financial indicators (#FTE, Customers, # phones, etc.) and calculated indicators (average returns to the customer). The scheduled values ​​can be subsequently compared with the facts through all defined dimensions.

An analysis of available solutions for managerial reporting and financial planning was performed before the solution is implemented. In the initial phase O2 considered the implementation of alternative technologies such as Oracle Essbase / Hyperion. At the same time, at this stage O2, the current operation of the existing MicroStrategy Bi Platforms together with a new solution, which would also allow the financial planning process. After evaluating all variants and impacts on the overall O2 logic, the resulting decision to implement the entire solution over the Microsoft BI platform in order to use existing infrastructure.

An important role in deciding also had a positive user experience with Microsoft Reporting Services 2012 in operational reporting. When deciding play an important role also a simple process of authentication of users via Active Directory in Microsoft BI platform and consolidation of managerial and operative reporting into one environment. Last but not least, operational and license terms have also affected the decision.

Solution enabled O2 to automate and overall optimize comprehensive reporting and planning processes. Significant benefits brought mainly in the area of ​​execution of change requirements for structure and detail in reports, reflecting organizational changes within the company, elimination of "Excelmart's maintenance" as sources for reporting, managed access to financial data across company, standardization of reports and, last but not least, then I a significant acceleration of the process of preparing managerial reports and dashboards.

Support for the development of "data-driven" culture by creating a multidimensional environment for working with financial and non-financial data across the company, including attractive data visualization at managerial reporting level.

Automation of reporting and planning processes, including standardization of reporting methodologies across defined dimensions and hierarchies and achieving significantly more efficient implementation of changes in reporting and planning scenarios.

Introduction of a controlled process in the area of data security in the form of setting rights at the level of the analytical database.

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The solution enabled O2 to automate and optimise complex reporting and planning processes.

The solution enabled O2 to automate and optimise complex reporting and planning processes.

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