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users among managers and financial controllers use the planning solution


entities are covered within the delivered financial planning and reporting


cost centres are included in the planning with a view to the next 5 years

"Thanks to Seyfor's planning, budgeting & forecasting solution, we have taken our planning to a whole new level. This solution contributed to us receiving an investment grade rating from Moody's Investor Services one year after implementation and subsequently from S&P Global Ratings."

Seyfor implemented a tailor-made solution for a leading real estate investment and property management group in Central Europe. CPI Property Group (CPI PG) manages assets worth up to EUR 672 million (in 2019), making it one of Central Europe's leading real estate investors. The solution enables hundreds of companies to plan cash flows, detailed costs and revenues, including rental income from thousands of rental units. 650 users from property and asset managers and financial controllers are involved in the planning process. Their activities are guided by a workflow that ensures a smooth process of creating and approving plans at several levels, ranging from fully detailed to a consolidated plan for the entire group.

The Group Report provides a comprehensive view of the Group across all cost types, countries and business areas. The system allows for a 5-year strategic outlook for the entire Group, a detailed annual budget and operational forecasts during the year, which reflect known facts and a continuously refined plan for the following quarters. The solution provides users with the comfort of working in the familiar Microsoft Excel environment. All data is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database providing a robust environment for data storage and access rights security.

Before deciding to implement a dedicated planning system, CPI Property Group considered further development of the existing linked spreadsheet system or implementing planning in an enterprise ERP environment. These routes proved to be either extremely investment intensive or did not provide sufficient scope to meet the demanding specific requirements placed on the future system. Seyfor's solution impressed CPI Property Group with its extensive customisation options as well as retaining users' favourite and familiar Excel environment. The fact that the solution was completely based on Microsoft technologies that CPI was already using also played a part. This greatly simplified implementation and reduced the long-term maintenance costs of the IT infrastructure.

The solution allows CPI PG to quickly obtain information on the overall plan values, including quick feedback for plan adjustments and optimization. Modeling facilitates the validation of hypotheses and decision impacts. The strategic planning module enables rapid predictions of the impact of planned and contemplated acquisitions on the performance of the entire group. The integration of all the data into a single data warehouse allows flexible use and significantly faster delivery to the Group's external partners (investors, banks, auditors, supervisory authorities, etc.). All of this has ultimately significantly increased the credibility of the entire CPI Property Group.

CPI Property Group has an always up-to-date view of the future, which is essential for managing such a large number of companies and assets under management and brings a significant competitive advantage.

Concentration of all budgeted data per central location into one application and the database allows you to consolidate planning data across the width of the so-called Budgeting Pyramid CPI PG.

While 120 users for planning approximately 150 entities and 300 cost centers used 120 users' solutions in the beginning of the project in CPI PG, it is currently a scalability of 650 users, more than 300 entities and 600 cargo centers.

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Thanks to Seyfor's planning, budgeting & forecasting solution, CPI Property Group has taken planning to a whole new level.

Thanks to Seyfor's planning, budgeting & forecasting solution, CPI Property Group has taken planning to a whole new level.

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