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The future is in the digitalisation of processes

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daily traders have access to information

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faster order processing


lower error rate in trading data by automatic data transfer

"Setting the trend is the great responsibility of every industry leader. LASVIT is no exception. We are talking not only about the global level, but also about the most basic internal activities. It is these activities that help us achieve high added value for our clients. Thanks to our long-term cooperation with Seyfor, we are able to continuously optimize our business and accounting processes. The immediate and tangible benefits of the recently completed migration of our business system to the cloud are proof that our strategy is sound."

Lasvit defined a clear goal - as a highly creative and reliable supplier wants to digitize the maximum processes and human work. In order for the information they work with, they were reliable, at any time available and working with systems most intuitive. The company wanted to be ready not only for the presence, but also for the future.

It has therefore turned to Seyfor asking for modernization of the existing customer relationship management system (CRM). After careful consideration of all benefits and challenges, the decision to replace the original CRM system running in its own data center with a new cloud solution. Seyfor for implementation used the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales platform, enriched with a very useful addition to the design templates Documents Core Pack.

The information that the sales representative entered manually or through a variety of communication channels, now just insert it once. Orders, previously transmitted to processing on the billet manually, are now automatically in the intelligent task queue. Input data that traders in the form of different tables in Excel passed project managers is now transmitted digitally and in a unified structure. And thanks to this, it is also practically no duplicate data in the whole system.

The result of the realized digitization is the effective interconnection of business, accounting and project processes. New functionality saves workers time and can fully focus on what is really important - to contribute to improving customer experience with LASVIT products. The project manager, thanks to the standardized form, received a framework view of data from sales representatives, and in addition, the possibility is automated to process the "its" project management system.

Great benefits were made of orders to the level of individual items, which appreciated especially the control department. The breakdown of the opportunity for opportunity and offer increased the transparency of the business process and allowed the sales department to more accurately measure pipelines. The imaginary cherry on the cake is then global support for business representatives in the mobile application where they have all information available at any time.

Digitization of business processes minimized the data error rate

Sorting order processing requests into a task queue has greatly simplified the processing of tasks

Through the mobile app, data is permanently available to retailers in the global network of stores and the connection to GPS navigation makes it easy to find the customer at all times

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