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The company Saop d.o.o., member of the Solitea Group, acquired a 100% stake of the company MIT informatika d.o.o. and thus is becoming the leader in the segment of overall software solutions for manufacturing companies

  • 6 Dec 2019
  • 5 minutes to read

Prague, 6 December 2019 – Saop, which is in 100% ownership of Solitea Holding, took over a 100 % stake of MIT informatika d.o.o., one of the main Slovenian suppliers of overall software solutions intended in particular for manufacturing companies. By the merger of both companies, the Solitea Group is becoming the main provider of corporate information systems for the manufacturing sector in Slovenia.

Our vision is to become one of the most important suppliers of information systems for the companies of all sizes in Central and Eastern Europe. By purchasing MIT informatika we are one step closer to this goal,” says Martin Cígler, President of the Management Board of Solitea Holding. "In fact, Saop is already one of the main providers of information systems in the segment of small and medium-sized companies in Slovenia, while on the other hand, MIT informatika is one of the leading software houses for medium and large-sized companies here. By merging both companies we will cover manufacturing organizations of all sizes.” 

Both companies, Saop and MIT informatika, have been developing and selling their own software solutions already for 30 years. “Our main advantage is 60 years of joint experience, if I may say so,” says Petra Šinigoj, Saop CEO. “In particular manufacturing companies look for robust partners, with a long tradition, since they are aware how valuable a stable and long-term partnership in this segment is.

Saop is undoubtedly the largest Slovenian employer in the field of ERP solutions. With the acquisition of MIT informatika, the team additionally increased, namely to 150 employees. “We are fully aware of the better competitiveness of larger development departments, and that is the reason why for many years now, we have been looking for a partner to connect with. By merger with the market leader in the field of ERP systems, Saop will certainly accelerate its development in solutions for manufacturing companies and ability to quickly respond to clients’ requests. In fact, many Slovenian companies, which have their own subsidiaries in the Balkans, wish to manage their operation in a uniform system. That is why we also have the opportunity to expand to markets in Serbia and Croatia,” says Marjeta Povalej, CEO of MIT informatika.

At the moment, Solitea is one of the largest suppliers of accounting and business information systems (ERP) in Central Europe and in the Balkans. The Group brings together partners with a joint vision of further development. The key element of the vision is the simplification of in-house processes of our clients. Therefore, I am really pleased that we were able to extend our portfolio in the Balkans by full-fledged production system provided by MIT informatika,” says Martin Cígler.

From the point of view of the employees and clients the acquisition means no change. Saop and Solitea Holding guarantee to all users the same level of cooperation to which they were used to so far, including access to the same software applications. In fact, our clients will benefit from the merger in the long run. “With the team increase, we will be able to more easily provide to the users the state-of-the-art technological approaches and solutions on a long-term basis,“ adds Petra Šinigoj.

About MIT informatika

MIT informatika is the main partner of manufacturing Slovenian companies, offering innovative information solutions for process digitalization. It provides a whole range of standard and niche solutions, helping the companies to acquire best business practices as well as to optimise their own competitive advantages. In addition to the solutions for manufacturing companies, either with a serial or custom manufacturing from various branches (metal and mechanical engineering industries, forest-based and furniture industries, chemical industry), they also offer solutions for service activity, civil engineering and the companies working in the field of waste collection and processing. For details, see

About Saop

Saop is the leading Slovenian provider of business management software for accounting companies and public institutions. The company, established in 1987, is one of the first ones, which offered its own business information system ERP iCenter to the Slovenian market, used today by more than 14,000 users. In 2004, they started with the development of a cloud solution Minimax, which is today the most popular software programme in Slovenia. I total, the iCenter and Minimax solutions are used by approximately 6,500 organizations and institutions, representing more than 30,000 users. Among the users of Saop products is every fourth accounting company and every third school in Slovenia. The parent Saop company in Slovenia, together with its subsidiaries in Croatia and Serbia, employs more than 1,500 well-trained experts. Saop has been part of the Solitea Group since 2016. Find more on

About Solitea Holding

Solitea, a.s. is one of the major European suppliers of ICT solutions. It has more than 900 employees in six countries and offers its services to more than 260,000 clients in 15 European countries. The holding's revenues exceed CZK 1.6 billion. In the last four years, Solitea has taken over numerous important IT companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Altus software, Aquasoft, BI Experts, CDL SYSTEM, Cígler software, Clever Decision, Dotykačka, Dynamica, GEMMA Systems, J.K.R., Smart software, Vema, WBI), in Austria (JET ERP) and in the Balkans (Billans, SAOP). Solitea has been strengthening its position of a renowned European supplier of information technologies for business entities and state administration in the long-term. More information is available on its website

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