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Our professionals will assess the status of your IT and design the optimal solution to allow you to make the most of the technology. With no hassle for you. Leave IT administration entirely up to us, or simply supplement your IT team and its know-how with support from our specialists.

Why choose our solution?

Have you advice from experienced professionals

Use your existing technologies to the maximum through our services. If you need to provide a short consultation or carry out a depth analysis of your infructive status.

Choose from a wide range of services

We offer all conceivable services, just select and start realizing the benefits.

Reveal the weaknesses of your IT

We analyze the status of your IT, then we design it streamlining and tells the long-term plan for its development.

System in your agendas

The key need for clients is often not in its own delivery of information systems and technologies, but in the availability of quality professional services that will allow maximum use of acquired technologies, including improving processes that support these technologies. We have teams of experts who provide our clients a wide range of infrastructure design activities incl. Advanced availability systems, through comprehensive implementation of technology offered, service and consulting services, ensuring a guarantee of response and repair in the event of a defect and error with availability of 24/7, introductory studies, support during tenders, comprehensive and partial outsourcing technical and system services, up to consultation in the field of strategy, project management, IT and security management.

Subsequently serves to prepare a long-term plan development. The satisfaction of clients with the level of our services is evidenced by the fact that 80% of our existing clients cooperate with us for a long time, more than 5 years.

"Fully devoted to improving corporate processes and do not care for common IT operational issues allowed us full outsourcing our IT services. Solitea since 2007 confirms that it is a partner we can rely on."

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