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We solved the infrastructure renewal
by leasing the capacity of the data center


Problems resolved simultaneously - replacing IT infrastructure and new data center


customer hardware equipment pieces


years after the duration of the contract, AGC may not solve any technologies

"We have completed the final migration of all applications about the past weekend and are now operated on a new infrastructure. It was challenging, but finally everything took place without fundamental difficulties. The highest leadership marked the result of the project as Great Success'!"

AGC addressed Seyfor, which decided to deploy GreenLlake Service Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) with long-term partner cooperation. The system of providing hardware as a service is quite non-standard, the equipment supplied does not own the customer. Within GreenLake, customers in the form of a service directly on their soil are provided by data infrastructure, including hardware and technical background in the data center. Therefore, with Solitey experts, HPE from the Czech Republic and Belgium and IT team has also been involved with Seyfor experts closely.

Finally, it was decided to completely replace the central infrastructure that AGC operates the principal ERP system and the next applications, key to all of their European locations. The main project coordinator became HPE, which the customer also provided a dedicated worker to solve all operational matters. The entire process was carried out without difficulty, despite the tense time schedule.

The contract was signed for 5 years and during this period the technology used should continue to develop and edit as needed. Thus, the data center can gradually increase the necessary technique provided as a service.

Benefits / Benefits

With the hire of hardware as a service, capacity resolves and sufficient reserve for increasing operation needs

The entire project company finances continuously from OPEX costs

Technical problems have always been resolved in place

We will help you simplify business

Trades and small businesses

Invoice easily,
master accounting or solve
problem with EET.

Medium-sized companies

Save time, capacities and simplify
processes thanks to enterprise
and personnel systems.

Large companies

Free yourself from the worries that
information technology
flawlessly solves for you.