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modernized applications


more satisfied and more efficient users


integrated systems

"It was running on a longer track, but the result came. New intranet and operated applications have greatly improved our users' work, thanks to faster response, flexibility or ergonomics. The entire solution was adopted with a positive response and user satisfaction and matters."

Marius Pedersen has decided to modernize intranet, complete DMS rework and to add new applications. The new version of SharePoint and Power Platforms was used to implement the solution and was completed by partner developments. Thanks to mobile phone applications simplified and streamlined work with the system virtually anytime and anywhere.

The selected solution is

  • intranet
  • DMS
  • Helpdesk
  • Records of delivered and dispatched mail
  • Data mailbox integration
  • Other minor applications

Progress of implementation

As most companies have been operated on the Microsoft platform, the entire implementation process consisted in the coordination of Marius Pedersen project team and the Solity project team. Thanks to this coordination and that third parties did not enter the implementation, the whole work has simplified. The project was conducted within the agreed program and was distributed within 24 months. The right time layout is crucial for good project mastering because the team has sufficient space to develop and test implemented stages. Implementation took place without complications and during the project the company had few changes to change.

Faster application response and more process digitization

Access to processes via mobile application

Lower operating and maintenance costs. Significantly higher system stability. Lightweight distribution of solution.

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