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IT infrastructure news

  • 30 Sep 2020
  • 4 minutes to read

The demanding process of merging dozens of our companies that took place over summer and the result of which is a strong and unified Solitea did not occupy us to such an extent as to stop us from following the trends in IT. We would like to share some interesting information about news regarding products and services that we provide to you. We will do our best to do so succinctly and regularly. For more detailed information, our sales team is ready and available. Please do not hesitate to contact us and take advantage of our professional services.

Solitea is a direct partner of the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

program. In July, Solitea became a direct Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, meaning it can provide and administer cloud service operations Microsoft 365 and Azure to its customers. We are constantly working on increasing our know-how and want to be the first choice for our customers that they can rely on. We are ready to help resolve your needs in the technical and licensing area of Microsoft services and to offer you an outstanding combination of expertise and advantageous delivery conditions.

Did you send the users to a home office? Are they accessing your equipment? How are you managing security?

The need to work remotely comes with problems related to ensuring security and user work comfort. Most users have their own notebooks and "carry" their work environment with them - but what about those with a desktop computer? Are you able to provide them with secure access to their applications and data even when they are not using the company's end devices. An excellent solution is to use Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop. With this Azure service you can very quickly create and make accessible a company desktop or just selected applications for remote work while maintaining the highest company security standards. Thanks to sophisticated tools, the implementation and administration of the environment is very fast, effective and places low demands on technology. We are happy to help you with the solution – we are at your disposal together with specialists from Microsoft. More about the service here.

Is the dark web taking an interest in you?

The security company WatchGuard has launched a new tool Dark Web Scanner for WG Cloud and AuthPoint, which verifies whether a company's sensitive or login data is found in databases of known leaked data that are offered on the dark web. By means of a simple search, based on domain and email addresses, you can easily see whether a company data leak has occurred, enabling you to start defending yourself against potential attacks in time.

M365 is constantly developing, modernising and expanding

For most customers, Microsoft 365 cloud services are a normal work tool and for users the use of applications such as Teams, SharePoint Online or OneDrive is a standard. Let's take a look at what is new in this area.

A new application List was launched for the creation of lists with an overview of events, problems, environments and other items. Of course, it comes with integration into Teams and supplementation of automatic processes over information using Power Platform. More about the List application here.

The Teams application is also undergoing significant development, as it's being used by an increasing number of people for remote work. Microsoft is making efforts to make cooperation via Teams more comfortable and effective. New functions such as dynamic views, virtual classrooms, video filters, live reactions and more are being introduced. Take a look at an overview of news stories in this link. Overview article about news regarding Teams here.

The Office 365 environment is growing and we are all storing increasingly more information in it. How do you search for information at your company? Do you use Microsoft Search? This part of the environment is underestimated and underutilised in many organisations. Contacts us so we can help you with the configuration. More about the Microsoft Search here.

New generation of HPE Modular Smart Array disk arrays

IT does not live by cloud alone. There still exist many IT requirements that need to be handled using on-premise technologies, so our overview of what's new must not fail to mention an important story from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In September, the now sixth generation of the successful model series of disk arrays, the Modular Smart Array, was launched. Compared to the previous generation, the HPE MSA 2060/2062 disk array offers 45 % higher performance and an innovated secure data storage system. Thanks to this, it may become a reliable and powerful foundation for the storage of company data for a wide spectrum of companies and organisations.

Our assigned account managers will provide further information or, alternatively, you can reply to this email and we'll happily get in contact with you.

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IT management and security

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Our professionals will assess the status of your IT and design the optimal solution to allow you to make the most of the technology. With no hassle for you. Leave IT administration entirely up to us, or simply supplement your IT team and its know-how with support from our specialists.

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