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We Received the Title of incadea Gold Certified Partner

  • 24 Jul 2019

We received the highest award in automotive solutions for our customers within the partner programme for 2019 – 2020 from incadea GmbH. This award serves as a testament that our automotive team has achieved the highest level of expertise in DMS solutions built on incadea.dms.

Our current and potential customers can thus draw on our knowledge of automotive processes and, above all, our complete knowledge of the supplied ERP system incadea.dms.

We had to meet the following requirements in order to receive Gold certification:

  • Consultants, programmers and analysts directly participate in implementing the incadea.dms system
  • Key consultants for individual areas are trained in the incadea headquarters in Munich
  • KME consultants for individual areas (parts, service, vehicles, CRM, IML layers, service planning) are certified by incadea
  • All consultants are trained by incadea GmbH and further trained in detail by KME consultants
  • We have a team of experts certified by incadea
"Thanks to the team's knowledge, learning, ability to adapt to modern trends and to the needs of customers, in particular, we are able to seek and supply solutions in automotive information systems. I am confident that we will be able to retain our status in upcoming years as well and that we will remain a high-quality, guaranteed supplier of DMS for our customers."

Karel Vlček, Automotive director

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