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"We have chosen the Vema HR system as a solution for payroll and HR. It has been great to work with all the time and we rate our choice as excellent. Above all, we appreciate the always up-to-date legislation and the error-free outputs that do not require additional checks. We also rate positively the speed, helpfulness and professionalism with which Seyfor handles our requests."

The reason for the acquisition of a new wage-personnel system was the unsatisfactory state of the existing personnel module in robust ERP, which lacked function, was complex and expensive. Processes in it were complicated and the module was non-existent.

The company Veletrhy Brno has chosen between four specialized wage-personnel systems. After thoroughly exploring all solutions, Vema selected, which has been conceived from the beginning as a complete solutions of personnel and payroll. In addition, the first deployment was functionally extensive and fully covered all companies. In addition to standard wage function, it also addressed the organizational structure of the entire company and systemization. Veletrhy Brno most addressed that the system immediately started to fulfill one of the main expectations - seamless interconnection of all agendas in one unit. Vema also solved an extensive agenda associated with employee training, education, OSH, attendance, catering, etc.

After several years of operation, the company has made another progressive step and moved to the cloud solution Vema Cloud. The transfer took place to full satisfaction of all smoothly and seamlessly. The main benefits of Vema for Veletrhy Brno are complete securing wage and personnel agenda, personnel evidence, organizational structure management and systemization. The key feature is the quality and flawlessness of outputs that do not need additional control.

"Vema is a quality, well functioning flexible system, is seamless and is not expensive. If necessary, I will give further superlatives," replied to the question of key benefits Rostislav Fojtík, Head of Personnel and Wage Department. Vema uses not only the entire personnel-wage offset, but also specialized workers, such as a safety technician that allows employee training. In addition, all employees use the web employee portal, as it is a fast and safe channel that provides them with all important information. In addition, Vema is also integrated into other company systems, such as SAP information system, attendance or catering system, offering functions to support managerial work executives.

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