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Why is OneCore the best ERP system for financial sector companies?

  • Mgr. Jan Kozák
  • 5 Oct 2023
  • 6 minutes to read

Do you want to boost your financial sector company’s growth, rid it of inefficient processes and bring it into the 21st century? The solution is an enterprise information system that handles a large part of your routine administrative work for you. If you opt for Seyfor OneCore, you’ll also get significant added value.

Did you know that the first ever joint-stock company, specifically the United East India Company, was founded in 1602? It was set up to control trade with Asian colonies and states. Nine years later, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange was founded as the first institution of its kind in the world. It was here that stock exchange practices that drive the world of finance to the present day were born. The employees of the United East India Company of that time were entirely dependent on simple ledgers for managing and recording transactions, which had to be meticulously compiled and neatly archived. 

Now imagine using these primitive methods to manage a financial firm in today’s world, which is changing by the second. Wouldn’t it be impossible? Of course it would – if you want to succeed against today’s fierce global competition you need to be able to handle a high number of specialised processes and administrative work quickly and efficiently. But it is no longer enough to entrust something like this to pencil, paper and the human brain. It is precisely for these purposes that enterprise information systems have found their way into the world of financial services – and Seyfor OneCore is one of the best among them. 

And on what do we base this bold claim? On the following three primary benefits

Benefit 1 – unification of all administrative work into one system

Owners and employees of financial sector companies know that their routine operations cannot be done without a variety of business processes across all departments of the company. Many companies use a variety of specialised systems for this purpose; these include accounting solutions, CRM platforms, document management systems and many others. But if your business relies on a large number of separate systems, you will need to transfer data between them. It is not always possible to ensure a direct connection, and many financial sector companies fall into the trap of manually transcribing data from one system to another. 

OneCore solves this problem by unifying all administrative work in one place. By placing all data from all administrative work into a single database common to all parts of the system, you completely eliminate the need to transfer data. In addition to saving time and work for your employees, you will significantly speed up all company processes and therefore improve your customer service. Last but not least you will also save on implementation and maintenance costs, as you only have to deal with the operation of one software solution instead of several different ones. 

Benefit 2 – automation

The routine tasks specified above also involve a large volume of periodically recurring activities, such as generating documents, sending reminders or recalculating portfolios. Carrying out these activities manually not only means a considerable time burden, but above all it carries a high risk of human error. You know how easy it is to make a mistake in an important calculation and then send the customer the wrong data. 

In contrast, the OneCore ERP system fully or largely automates most repetitive activities. Depending on the specific solution you can, for example, delegate collection of payments from clients, sending reminders for expiring contracts or exporting/importing bank statements to the software. 
The benefit here is not only avoiding mistakes and saving time, but also significantly increasing your capacity. Many companies have found that they can comfortably manage much larger portfolios without the need to hire new staff after implementing ERP systems.

Benefit 3 – a glimpse into the future

Can you reliably predict your customers’ behaviour? If so, you certainly can’t do without tools for collecting and evaluating current data. But what if you don’t have these tools and you have to laboriously gather data about individual clients across the entire company? In this case, not only will your understanding of your customers’ needs suffer, but also your decision-making processes. Without good data it is unthinkable for your management to make important decisions in time to respond to the dynamic market situation. 

But with OneCore, you will usually obtain powerful reporting capable of collecting and evaluating data in real time. With a wide selection of performance metrics, you will give your managers a tool to quickly gain insight into the current state of the company and its processes. Analytical tools then ensure that you can easily draw specific conclusions from the aggregated data and adjust your company’s direction accordingly. 

And where is the added value?

A number of ERP systems boast the features described above in their marketing materials. So why should you choose OneCore? 

The answer is simple – in addition to all of the above, OneCore also offers you a lot of extras. These include:

  • Microsoft technology: OneCore is fully integrated with the global Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, allowing you to take full advantage of its immense potential.
  • A wide range of modules: With OneCore, you get a selection of modules covering all kinds of financial administrative work. In one system you can find CRM, product and contract management, reminders and a service interface.
  • Full coverage of all financial administrative work: the OneCore system allows you to manage all types of financial contracts, from operating leases and financial loans to real estate financing, vehicle leasing and instalment sales.
  • Extensive automation: OneCore not only handles routine operations for you, but also more complex tasks including aliquot calculations, annuity payments and other specific tasks.
  • Free trial: just send us your email address and we’ll give you access to a trial version of OneCore. In this version you can try out all the features of the system for free and experience its benefits for yourself.
  • Maximum safety and reliability: Thanks to the Microsoft Azure platform, OneCore meets even the most demanding standards for data security.
  • Experience of a market leader: OneCore is a part of Seyfor – one of the leading IT companies on the Central European market, which has translated decades of experience in developing solutions for companies of all industries and sizes into a wealth of know-how.
  • and much more.

See for yourself

Are you interested in OneCore and would you like to learn more about it? Get in touch with us using the contact form – our experts will answer all your questions and show you how OneCore can help your business.

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