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Vario has eased us the start of business


unique tailor-made features


fulfilled ERP system requirements


Simply operated warehouse cubes

"I appreciated the possibility of renting Vario. We pay a monthly license, and it is great to the beginning of business."

Perfect Storage is a Czech company that operates secure storage cubicles. "Originally we worked for the Norwegian company, but from Central and Eastern Europe left," says co-owner of Markéta Cajthamlová. Together with his paraphragm Soňa Fialová is successful.

To vario through market research

mentioned Norwegian firm used the British ERP system. But he did not meet the new managers. "Perfect Storage was supposed to be a purely Czech company with the Czech ERP system supplier on which it will violate," explains Cajthamlová.

They visited seven companies that offer their business solutions.

Finally, there were two in the viewfinder. However, only one of them was able to meet all our requirements - Vario," says Cajthamlová.

Vario has adapted to us

The great advantage of the system is its variability, which was also reflected in example of Perfect Storage. Vario developers added four unique customized functions:

  • Linked the rental module with the Evidence module
  • Added print forms for new data
  • They implemented PIN codes for customers
  • Linked system with security software

"Fortunately, they are friendly and try to deal with our problems," Appreciates Soňa Fialová.

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