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Vario has helped us digitize sales
and service agricultural machinery


clickable to create a trading offer

12 000

invoices received annually


digitally connected centers

"Our main request for the new system was clarity. We wanted simple work with the system, just nothing complicated. Vario fulfilled this vision."

In 2015, Agrowest needed to replace the enterprise system in 2015. Until then, the software used was no longer growing demands. The company wanted to buy a modern product that develops with the company and will not break it in growth. Listed the selection procedure with two basic requirements.

  • Price - Management wanted a modern solution at a reasonable price.
  • Clarity of the system - the main requirement was easy orientation in the system and simple operation, which can be mastered by every employee without complex training.

Thanks to Vario, Agrowest has modernised its operations

Five companies advanced to the final round of the tender. Among them, the Czech Vario system was the clear winner with the best price/user friendliness ratio. The company management also chose Vario because of its modern appearance, clarity and ease of use.

Vario covers all needs

In agrowest today Vario use as a single company management system. The only exception is wage management they want to manage separately. Everything else is running exclusively in Vario.

Key area is machinery service. Instead of hand-making service sheets today, with the help of electronic readers in Variu record orders and machines by VIN. Each technician in receipt of the machine can quickly determine the current availability of parts, repair history, and even that worked from colleagues to repair the machine before and how did work. The repairers also appreciate the easy facing of the necessary parts.

Another widely used agenda is the management of business offers. This agenda, from the introductory offer through sales to the records of machines, in Agrowest before the arrival of Varia dealt with printed papers, hand minutes to workbooks and execution of excel tables. Today, the elegant electronic system, which creates a menu to just two clicks. Just select the customer and the machine you want, for which equipment configuration is easily selected. The price is automatically calculated automatically and then just print. The entire process greatly helps versions, when the previously entered menu is slightly adjusted on the basis of new requirements.

After approval by Vario, it is separately generated by the order towards suppliers, then order, and finally the final invoice. All documents in the system remain permanently linked.

In addition to the sales and service agenda, Vario also provides Agrowest with:

  • Accounting,
  • Communication between centers,
  • Warehouse connection,
  • Appeals and vacation,
  • Driving and travel orders,
  • Reports,
  • Communication with authorities.

Process automation and online connection of warehouses and branches.

Speed up work by using barcode scanners.

Offer, order and service data is universally available and logically sorted.

We will help you simplify business

Trades and small businesses

Invoice easily,
manage your accounting or settle
problem with EET.

Medium-sized companies

Save time, capacities and simplify
processes with enterprise
and personnel systems.

Large companies

Free yourself from the worries that
information technology
will flawlessly solve for you.