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The Slovenian company Saop, member of the Solitea group, finalises the acquisition of a 100% stake in Opal Informatika

  • 5 Sep 2020
  • 5 minutes to read

Prague, 4 September 2020 - Solitea, through its 100% subsidiary Saop, d.o.o., has finalised the acquisition of a 100% stake in the Slovenia company Opal Informatika, whose ERP systems are used by more than 600 entities.

These include commercial, service and manufacturing enterprises, as well as major accounting companies, law firms and tax or auditing companies. By merging both firms, Solitea will strengthen its leading position on the Slovak market of accounting and ERP systems both for commercial entities and for the public administration sector.

“Our vision is to build strong Central European IT services provided for all market segments, from small business to major corporations and state administrative authorities. The acquisition of Opal Informatika is another major step in reaching this goal,” says Martin Cígler, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Solitea Holding. “Saop is now the most important Slovenia provider of information systems in the small and medium-sized enterprise segment. That is why we welcome the merger with Opal Informatika whose clients also include large, established accounting firms. The Slovenia team is also gaining valuable support to expand its expertise in other fields of business.”

“We are happy to see that through the acquisition of Opal Informatika, we are strengthening our position as a supplier of ERP systems and professional sector services for the segment of major tax and auditing companies. Saop and Opal Informatika a market leader in Slovenia, and the idea that we will be able to cooperate on achieving greater goals under one roof is an immense challenge for me,” says Petra Šinigoj, Director of Saop, adding: “With our new partner, we will be better able to focus on the long-term goal; to provide our users with the most advanced technological procedures and optimal solutions.”

“We had been thinking about merging Opal Informatika with a major ERP system provider for many years. We are fully aware of the fact that only by joining a strong and reliable partner can we face the challenges of today’s dynamic technological development. Solitea Holding’s bold strategy fills us with enthusiasm and their vision for future development was the reason for our decision. The merger of both companies will doubtless create a number of benefits not only for clients, but for all of us who work on developing software,” said Edo Cof, General Manager of Opal Informatika after signing the contract.

“Solitea is currently one of the largest suppliers of accounting and enterprise information systems (ERP) in Central Europe and the Balkans, and it deliberately concentrates partners with a joint vision for future development. A key factor in this vision is to simplify customers’ internal processes and procedures. This is why I am truly delighted that we managed to expand our portfolio in the Balkans to include the excellent software solutions created by Opal Informatika, and to strengthen our leading position in this market,” adds Martin Cígler, CEO of Solitea Holding.

Nothing changes for employee and customers after the acquisition. Solitea Holding and Saop guarantee all users the same level of service and cooperation to which they had been accustomed to date, as well as access to purchase applications. In the long term, the combination of expertise and proven procedures will also bring them profit in the form of greater possibilities and expansion of services.

About Opal Informatika

The family firm Opal Informatika was established in 1991. From the outset, it was dedicated to developing software and related services and gradually built a very strong position for itself as an ERP system supplier, primarily for the segment of large accounting firms and tax companies. It is the supplier of the comprehensive Opal ERP system.

Cloud version of the product is also available under the OpPIS Client brand. Opal Informatika is a trustworthy partner to public administrative organisations, business entities engaged in services, trade, manufacturing, building construction and publication activities, as well as major accounting and auditing firms.

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About Saop

Saop is a leading Slovenian provider of systems designed for accounting firms and public institutions. The company, founded in 1987, was one of the first to introduce its own ERP system, iCenter, to the Slovenian market. It currently has over 14,000 users. In 2004, it launched the development of the Minimax Cloud solution, which is now the most popular accounting program in Slovenia. In total, about 6,500 organisations and institutions use the iCenter and Minimax solutions, a total of more than 30,000 users. Saop products are currently used by every fourth accounting company and every third school in Slovenia. The Slovenian parent company Saop and its subsidiaries in Croatia and Serbia employ more than 180 trained experts. Saop has been a member of Solitea Holding since 2016.

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About Solitea Holding

Solitea, a.s. is among the major European ICT solution providers. It employs more than 1,300 people in six countries and serves over 250,000 customers in 15 countries in the European region. The company’s revenues exceed 1.8 billion crowns. In the past four years, Solitea has made a number of major acquisitions in the Czech and Slovak Republics (Altus software, Aquasoft, Axiom Provis, BI Experts, CDL SYSTEM, Cígler software, Clever Decision, Dotykačka, Dynamica, GEMMA Systems, J.K.R., Smart software, Vema, WBI), in Austria (JET ERP) and in the Balkans (Billans, Opal Informatika, MIT Informatika, SAOP). It continues to strengthen its position as a major European supplier of information technologies for commercial entities and state administration.

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