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Seyfor Acquires Filip Dřímalka's Digitask, Boosting Its Corporate AI Capabilities

  • 25 Mar 2024
  • 3 minutes to read

Prague, March 25, 2024 – Seyfor, one of the largest European ICT solution providers, continues to expand its portfolio by acquiring a 35% stake in Digitask, a company known for its digital innovations promoted by Filip Dřímalka. With this move, Seyfor significantly strengthens its competence in the field of artificial intelligence in corporate environments and will leverage the acquired know-how across products it develops and provides to companies in 38 countries.

Digitask focuses on customers from the enterprise segment and medium-sized companies looking to accelerate the transformation of their business processes through the implementation of advanced AI technologies. Through the completed acquisition, Seyfor acquires a 35% stake in Digitask, thus bolstering its position in the rapidly developing market for AI applications. In addition, it plans to gradually enhance its existing products with services related to the practical implementation of artificial intelligence into business processes. 

"Artificial intelligence is perceived as a game changer in today's business, and part of our vision is to leverage its potential, not only in our companies' internal processes. We aim to become a leader and, through Digitask and our corporate systems, assist in adopting AI for our customers. Entering into Digitask is another logical step that will allow us to fulfill this vision," comments Martin Cígler, founder of Seyfor.

The acquisition values Digitask in the lower tens of millions of Czech crowns. Digitask will continue to operate as an independent company, and both entities will utilize mutual synergies in their further operations. The newly acquired know-how will also be used in the further development and refinement of ERP systems and other Seyfor products. Digitask's founder and digital visionary Filip Dřímalka, who still owns a 65% stake in the company, will contribute to the strategic direction of the company and will continue to evangelize new trends. 

"I believe that AI currently represents the biggest opportunity before us. It offers not only Czech companies but also globally, the enormous potential to dramatically increase productivity and enhance competitiveness. Thanks to the partnership with Seyfor, we will be able to bring to market a product that will help thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of workers to fully seize this opportunity," adds Filip Dřímalka, founder of Digitask. 

The integration of Digitask's unique knowledge and expertise in artificial intelligence will allow Seyfor to expand its competencies in the AI field and develop advanced, tailored AI solutions. As a result, both existing and new customers of both companies will be better able to tackle challenges such as process optimization, productivity enhancement, or service innovation. The collaboration between Seyfor and Digitask will offer custom AI solutions to companies across a wide range of sectors, including finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail, in all 38 countries where Seyfor operates. 

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