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"We didn't expect many of the Navision upgrade to Business Central. The result surprised us very positively. We simplified business processes, we have increased the volume of trade on the Internet and improved customer service."

Storex has been using the Navision information system from Microsoft for almost 20 years. They particularly liked the ability to customize and create new features tailored to their specific business processes. After about 10 years of using the system, they upgraded it and then worked in it for another 10 years. During this time, the supplier supported them legislatively and continuously developed the system. They did not need to intervene too much in the system and as a result minimised their operating costs.

The new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central product presented them with a major challenge. They were faced with the choice of either upgrading a slowly aging information system or finding another, better suited one. However, after consulting with various system vendors, they decided to continue with their existing collaboration and upgrade further. And although they expected the positive benefits of this action, the result was a very pleasant surprise.

Through their joint efforts, the system was slimmed down by removing processes and programming modifications that were no longer in use. Extensive integration options to third-party applications were used, and the online store was also greatly enhanced. Customers gained access to service capacity planning for required services.

The biggest surprise, however, was the rapid user acceptance of the new version. Fears about the new user interface proved unnecessary and most users did not want to return to the old system after only two days of training.

An unforgettable fact is the operation of the information system in the hosting centre and the related reduction of costs for the acquisition and operation of the infrastructure. Microsoft technologies provide Storex with great advantages in the form of collaboration of individual applications, sharing of data usually located outside the company, and reduction of investment costs. The entire information system upgrade project was scheduled for spring 2020 and the difficult economic and social situation that occurred at that time paradoxically provided an opportunity to focus more on the project and prepare for further challenges.

Integration of the information system to surrounding applications

Unusually fast user adaptation to the new system

Reducing infrastructure costs

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Navision Upgrade on Business Central Storex FST very pleasantly surprised.

Navision Upgrade on Business Central Storex FST very pleasantly surprised.

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