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Significant acceleration of all processes
for Unicedit company


Out of 2 days for 3 hours Shortened Payment Index calculation time


acceleration of the whole process


Hours instead of the original dozens will take charge of repayment

"We used the Navision system for ten years and we were satisfied with it. Over time, however, our version of the ERP system ceased to meet the operation criteria and we stood before a difficult task to meet strict audit conditions. We have previously implemented several IT projects with Seyfor, so we naturally reversed to their experts. What initially appeared as the circumstances forced upgrading the system, has delivered unexpected function improvements. New functional tools of the system saves financial and personnel resources and a significant bonus is a new user comfort. "

UniCredit Leasing CZ has been using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 for its process management for many years.  Nevertheless, after several years, during which the company's processes had undergone development, it became apparent that this solution was no longer meeting all the necessary criteria in the area of automatically triggered tasks, speed of processing and technological advances. Concurrently, the company was facing an acute problem in meeting audit conditions for the use of the supported ERP system. For this reason, it contacted Seyfor with a request for help in modernizing the entire core of the system.

Course of implementation

UniCredit Leasing CZ started working together with Seyfor in 2012. The result was the implementation of tens of IT projects during which both companies managed to build up a truly above-standard relationship, and this despite the fact that the project hit several serious hurdles in the initial stages.

The initial objective was to implement a user interface in the WebClient browser and to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018. After two years of work, however, the decision was taken to upgrade the original system to a newer version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central April 19 on-premises (version 14) supplemented with an industry solution for leasing companies OneCore. For this reason, it was agreed that the deadline would be moved ahead and the budget and internal capacities would be increased.


It exceeded all expectations and fully made up for the time invested. The system cleared up functionalities and straightened out processes. The time required for invoicing of payments was reduced by an order of magnitude, the calculation of payment indexes now took one quarter of the time, and most importantly over-night, daytime and periodical automated calculations were shortened by hundreds of hours. The new technologies delivered a modern user environment including the option to access the system directly from a web browser. An undeniable advantage is also the native integration with MS systems and applications.

The OneCore solution

The industry solution for leasing companies OneCore expands the standard functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system (previously Microsoft Dynamics NAV) by everything that a leasing company requires. The following modules were implemented at UniCredit Leasing CZ:

  • financial leasing
  • operational leasing

Concurrently, the CRM solution was upgraded.

Process automation brought time savings in the order of hundreds of hours per month

Pairing revenue commissions now takes just tens of minutes

Most tasks run in the background of the system

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