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Jobs, thus saving wage costs


Clock instead of 5 days takes monthly billing sales for suppliers

35 thous.

stock items under control

"Don't worry and go to it without compromises. We have nearly 35,000 items in stock and only thanks to the software are all under control. Money S4 will show us the data without human prejudices and emotions - it cannot happen that the seller likes a particular toy, and we will order dozens of pieces in stock, even if it does not sell. "

In the company, HOPÍK toy originally used 2 software - accounting and the old cash register system and warehouse. When he wanted the Executive Aleš Hubacek to make an overview of sales, you had to download files after one to Excel and put data into the PivotTables.

Pulse to change the e-shop started. When the order came, the employee had to manually overwrite data three times on various documents - to order, invoice, and shipping evidence of the carrier. The systems were not linked. Thus, a key requirement for the new system was to have data in one place.

In addition, in the company Toy Hopík requests on-line data availability, requirements for clear information on sales in stone stores AO The status of inventories, and, of course, connecting to the e-shop.

Aleš Hubáček during his career worked with several information systems and had an overview of how they work. After personal experiences with Money, its choice on Money S4 fell.

Implementation was fast. During the weekend, specialists have imported goods, interconnected warehouses and worked on the new system on Monday. The automated recipients and data imports were added sequentially. Within two months, Money was connected to the e-shop.

Another widely used function is the option of attaching documents. An invoice or other document in PDF can be attached to each record in the toy store. In the electronic system, the necessary documents are traced much faster than in the paper archive.

Manual work saving and error reduction

Acceleration and streamlining reporting on sale of goods for suppliers

Extension of MONEY Functionality with the introduction of EET employees did not recognize

We will help you simplify business

Trades and small businesses

Invoice easily,
Customize accounts or settle
problem with eet.

Medium-sized companies

Save time, capacities and simplify
processes thanks to enterprise
and personnel systems.

Large companies

FREE from worry that
Information technology
flawlessly solves for you.