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Time saving , deleted error rate and
accurate data from warehouse and production


Since this year, the company uses a Byznys system


Faultiness firm removed after loading readers

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It takes a new employee training in the warehouse

"A leap change was the deployment of readers. Suddenly no one's looking for anything. We know exactly what's going on in the company. The system reflects reality and we can plan effectively."

Manufaktura is a traditional Czech cosmetics producer. It is based on quality local production. Czech origin preferred the company's management when choosing an ERP system. This was why the Manufaktura chose the ERP system Byznys, in 1996. He managed to build a sophisticated solution that competes for transnational systems. There is a crucial area and production key areas are warehouse and production. In cooperation with Byznys consultants, a sophisticated logistics-manufacturing solution that competes across the transnational systems.

Just mentioned cooperation with consultants was essential for efficient use of the system. The consultants listened to the needs, adjusted the system according to user's comments, to know and implement the most appropriate solution.

The most important are the reader in the warehouse and production

The most important milestone cooperation was the deployment of the readers. In addition, the company has relieved the paper, especially the perfect overview and order in the warehouse and production. The system mirror reality. Leaders know exactly what is going on in the company. It is possible to provide a number of examples of different activities where readers help:

  • Reception, dispensing and all handling of goods on the warehouse and production is controlled by a reader and a linked barcode system and locations,
  • Online material records - where, which and how much material is, also for what is intended,
  • automatic depreciation of raw materials,
  • Seamless supply,
  • Tracing - readers controls the path of a worker, does not go unnecessary meters,
  • Expiration and batch monitoring,
  • Planning and production management - when, what and where it is produced,
  • Control and simple tracing of any errors and problem products.

Accounting, wages, invoicing, property, communication with carriers or Byznys agendas.

Minimize administration and process automation.

Quick training of warehouse staff with readers.

Minimum error rate even when shipping more than 5 million items.

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