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Automation project

"My dream of what a company should look like has come true."

The South Bohemian company ALFA výroba jednoúčelových strojů deals with industrial automation. It mainly produces assembly machines and lines for the automotive, consumer and electrical industries.

Until 2013 it operated on a small information system. "Our company has evolved. Production and turnover were increasing, and we were looking for a reliable partner to help us grow," says owner Zdeněk Kulič, explaining why he decided to look for a new ERP system.

The main problems with the information system at the time were:

  • Dependence on one person
  • weak legislative and development support
  • stunted growth of the company

A six-month search resulted in cooperation with Byznys.

A detailed and immediate overview of what was happening in the company

In 2018 came another key milestone - an automation project. "The aim of the project was to automate the collection of information as much as possible. So that we would not depend on what the operator entered into the system and so that we would have an overview of what, who, when, where and how," says Václav Špeta, who works as a software engineer at the company.

The result is a similar solution to that used by multinational companies, but adapted to the operation and capabilities of ALFA výroba jednoúčelových strojů.

Helps the company grow

Automatic collection and processing of information

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