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minutes that ends earlier after closing

"When I started good advice, I was looking for an economic system that will be linked to the cash registers. I needed all the data in one place. I demanded several software and Money S3 and the stores showed the best option. "

Import from the cash register

previously Markéta Operator Vlach imported data once a day. "In the evening we closed and I manually downloaded sellers from both cash. It always took tens of minutes But even the evening orders did not process suppliers, so some wounds in the store of a few empty shelves.

To avoid the Markéta Vlachová, sometimes ordered during the day. But again it did not have the current data. "I only came out of yesterday's closing. So I either ordered blind, or I sent colleagues to recalculate the goods. "

information every hour

New feature that makes it easy to connect the store A Money S3 forms a strong combination in conjunction with the S3 module, which improved the situation in good tpia As a result, in Money S3, there is still an overview of whether there is a needle or marmalade. Already during the day, it will prepare an order and brought new suppliers another morning. "It's a fundamental improvement that makes me facilitated to me Several times a week, it needs to transfer new items and update prices. Previously, she had to manually record the data to each cash register, now quickly enters export and the data is updated in both cash registers.

Easy overview of when butter occurs or marmalade.

Export data to more stores for more stores.

Orders are resolved in a timely manner, so the suppliers are managed to process and are not empty in the morning in the shelves.

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