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"When I started good advice, I was looking for an economic system that will be linked to the cash registers. I needed all the data in one place. I demanded several software and Money S3 and the stores showed the best option."

Import from cash registers

Previously, the owner Markéta Vlachová imported data once a day. "We closed in the evening and I manually downloaded the sales from both cash registers. It always took me tens of minutes."

She then saw in Money which items had sold and reordered them. But the evening orders were not processed by the suppliers, so some mornings there were a few empty shelves in the store.

To avoid this, Markéta Vlachová sometimes ordered during the day. But then again, she didn't have up-to-date data. "I only used yesterday's closing date. So I either ordered blindly or sent my colleagues to count the goods at the stores."

Information every hour

The new feature that makes it easier to link the Prodejna and Money S3 forms a powerful combination with the S3 Automatic module, which has improved the situation at Dobrý Špajz.

Markéta Vlachová's sales slips are now automatically downloaded every hour. Thanks to this, she can always see in Money S3 whether she is running out of butter or marmalade. She already prepares an order during the day and the next morning the suppliers bring in new stock. "It's a major improvement that has made my job a lot easier."

The new feature has also made it easier for her to export data to the tills at both branches. She needs to transfer new items and update prices several times a week. Before, she always had to manually upload the data to each till separately, but now she just quickly enters the export and the data is updated in both tills.

Easy overview of when butter or jam runs out.

Export data to cash registers in multiple stores has been made easier.

Orders are resolved on time, so suppliers can process them in time and there are no empty shelves in the morning.

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