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The company Genster entered the Czech market with an unusual service - it offers online styling for men. Thanks to the on-line invoicing service iDoklad, Genster was saved a lot of tedious work. iDoklad communicates independently with the bank and is able to automatically send messages to customers. "Thanks to this, we do not need to manually check who has paid and who hasn't, and it also never forgets to confirm the payment to the customer and to thank them for it", Michaela Kloudová, Owner of Genster, praises the features of the system.

Genster uses


Dobrej Špajz

Dobrej Špajz is a network of stores selling quality farmer's produce. Connecting the accounting program Money S3 with the cash register system Prodejna, saved Markéta Vlachová having to export information to cash registers at the branches. She needs to transfer new items and update prices several times per week. In the past, she always had to manually load this information manually on to each register individually, now she simply quickly enters an export and the data in the cash registers is updated. 


Dobrej Špajz uses


Dobrej Špajz

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