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Process and intranet applications

Accelerate processes at your company. Our applications will make the approval of various processes more efficient. The same goes for monitoring task fulfilment and various HR processes.

Why choose our solution?

Streamline internal processes

Achieving higher efficiency of internal corporate processes from approval procedures to performing tasks with individual employees.

Form applications integrated with other systems

With modern technologies, we can centralize applications, document libraries, information sites and communication tools in one place. The operator is easy for the user and also thanks to the integration of ordinary Office applications.

Users will feel at home and can work at home

Easy control is not just about integration. Applications and systems can be operated by cloud and available from anywhere and different devices. Process the document in computer, but approve and report from mobile device.

System in your agendas

Electronic management of approval processes, information collection or monitoring tasks will improve the functioning of each organization. As part of the building of intranet and process portals for our clients, we are solving the circulation of vacation requests, approval of travel orders, material dispenses and tools, or a number of various HR processes (employment approval, rewards, etc.).

Microsoft SharePoint Tools in On-Premise resp. Microsoft 365 technology on the Microsoft Power Automate platform are ideal for building process applications. If this platform is used for intranet, DMS, reporting and also process applications, the user gets managing all my information at one central location and everything is controlled in a similar way. This approach to a large extent simplifies the overall training and mastery of technology controls. Helping IT tools is very effective in organizations of our clients.

"Solitea with us to develop our portal and operated applications for many years. We could rely on build, upgrade and support solutions."


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