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Master Data Management

Do you have your key data under control? Are you able to effectively and safely consolidate across the entire organisation?

Why choose our solution?

Consolidate your key data

Keep a single reference data base common to your entire company.

Cover the entire data master management process

We will not only provide your MDM, but also subsequent future development.

Ensure consistency of stem data

Thanks to the consistent data, you increase the credibility of your reports.

System in your agendas

Master Data Management (MDM) is a comprehensive area that has the principle of ensuring the availability of the correct data at the right place. Correct data is the master (master) data on clients, partners, addresses, products, services, accounts, etc. in quality corresponding to user requirements. At the right time, the most common time is considered real time providing de facto continuous updating of tribal data. And the right place is all applications and systems in which the  data are needed; from ERP via CRM to reporting application or data warehouse.

Every project is unique, as each company for It uses its functioning of different systems and usually has a diverse history of their implementation. Master Data Management is not even a system, such as a process through which the master data is created, maintained, updated and distributed to users. Solution MDM for this reason is not enough only one-time to deploy it, but needs to continue to maintain and develop.

MDS projects often implement at the level of parent company and subsidiaries. The same data is often in both different formats and different systems. It often happens that this redundant data is not consistent either from the content or time point.

First we find out in which systems are key stem data. Then we will provide central storage of these data and set up all the necessary processes taking into account relationship and time connection between data. We will not forget data consolidation, including the need for the necessary quality of the data master, whether manual or automated.

and then enjoy the data on which it is reliant.

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