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Low-code solutions

Create almost any back-office or business application using low-code.

Digitalize your company with low-code applications

CRM processes

We’ll build you a simple operational CRM. Everyone can find contacts, lists of orders, their status, related documents, etc. Unlike ready-made solutions from companies like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce, you can expand it in the future as you need, and add on the specific functions you require.

HR processes

Even recruitment can be thought of as a CRM. Get all the information on candidates and employees in one place. Just the way you need it. Say goodbye to unused functions.

SCM systems

Effective management of purchasing, storage, further distribution and delivery of goods in a single system. Add on things like documentation, supplier communication and transportation. Just the way you need it.

Marketing automation

Complete management and visibility into marketing data and processes. No more looking for who’s handling which things and what influence it has on your customers.

Digital banking

Want to create applications on the basis of applications, verifying information, extracting information from documents using OCR, register checks, risk management processes, contract generation and online approvals? You’ll get it done in a matter of weeks with a low-code platform.

Replacing Lotus Notes or MS Excel

Work more effectively with data, and all in one place. Creating tables, filters and calculations won’t be a nightmare any more.

Operations management systems

Automate your company’s operations. For example, you’ll be able to easily manage your workplace health and safety, company assets, sensitive data, or even create applications for employees in the field.

Customer applications

Hold on to your customers and make high-quality applications for them. They won’t fall out of sight, and you’ll be better able to keep them informed about your latest news.

When is low-code not the right solution?

  • When it’s enough to use standard systems without adaptation to your needs
  • When you need solutions for critical infrastructure
  • When you have requirements that are too far away from common processes

We’ve also created low-code applications for companies like these

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Trust your application development to the right people

  1. We’ll analyze the solution for free.

  2. We recommend the best tools for your project.

  3. We’ll model the entire application and hand it over to you.

  4. We’ll also take care of the management and development that follows.

Want to learn more about low-code?

We’ll analyze your project’s solution for free.

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We create low-code applications on these platforms


A Czech platform for the development of low-code/no-code applications.


An intelligent automation platform for building smart applications to manage your business.


The world’s leading platform for the preparation of low-code applications.