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Cloud benefits in
on-premise environment

Enjoy all the benefits of the cloud in an on-premise environment. With HPE GreenLake, you no longer have to make an either/or decision. We have the answer to how you can leverage the flexibility, cost-effectiveness and professional tools of the cloud for the infrastructure and data you need to keep on-premises.


You only pay for what you use

With HPE GreenLake, you can avoid a large upfront investment in hardware purchases. You only pay for the power, space and services you consume. Clearly and without wasting money.

You know where your data is

Whether your data is stored on-site, in your own or an off-site data centre, or in any other location you designate, you can manage it as efficiently and use the same advanced tools as if it were in the public cloud.

Scale as needed

You can adjust your capacity and power as needed. HPE GreenLake analyzes your data trends and anticipates the need to scale up and down.

High return on investment

Avoid high one-off investments in capacity and power purchases. The HPE GreenLake solution significantly saves on total cost of operations and increases the efficiency of your IT department.

Better visibility of costs and performance

Stay on top of your infrastructure's capacity consumption, speed and performance with the unified HPE GreenLake Center.

Relieving IT staff

Less worry about infrastructure management will allow your internal IT staff to focus on higher value-added projects.

Quick deployment and start-up

With capacity, power and resources available virtually instantly, there's nothing to stop you from working to your full potential and covering even the most demanding periods.



  • Payment for the service
  • You are operating in a public space
  • You pay what you consume
  • Support at the service helpdesk level
  • You have consumption data for billing
  • You share the data centre and technology with other customers


  • Payment for the service
  • You operate at your place
  • You pay what you consume
  • You have proactive support from the manufacturer and your own consultant
  • You have consumption data for billing
  • Only you use the technology and are in full control


  • Investment in own equipment
  • You run your own
  • You pay for the entire facility
  • You only have a warranty
  • You have to deal with power sharing yourself
  • Only you use the technology and are in full control

How it works?



A few clicks are all it takes to select the services you want



Delivery max. 14 days



Our experts will install and configure everything for you



Startup and connection to the network takes a few minutes 


For agile management and efficient use of your hybrid infrastructure, you can take advantage of HPE GreenLake's broad portfolio of services.

  • Data containers
  • Machine Learning
  • Virtual Computers
  • Private cloud
  • Big Data
  • Database platform
  • VDI
  • Cloud Service Management
  • Data Protection
  • Governance and Management
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Computing
  • High Performance Computing

We are the HPE Partner of the Year in the GreenLake category

"Last weekend we completed the final migration of all applications and they are now running on the new infrastructure. It was challenging, but in the end everything went without major problems. The top management described the outcome of the project as ‘Great success‘!"

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AGC has commissioned a data centre in Belgium as a service on the basis of a contract executed in the Czech Republic.

AGC has commissioned a data centre in Belgium as a service on the basis of a contract executed in the Czech Republic.

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